Activated carbon for purification


More than 400 activated carbon grades

Norit has a wide range of carbon grades for removal of impurities in everything from pharmaceutical products to waste water.


More than 100 years of experience

Norit is the original activated carbon manufacturer which means that they have a wide product and application knowledge and that they can thus help the customers and their process.

Norit is a leading supplier of activated carbon with a very wide range of carbon grades to e.g. removal of impurities from food, beverage, pharmaceutical products, chemicals, water and air, as well as purification of a range of other liquids and gases, incl. renewable natural gas (RNG)/biogas.

Norit is committed to providing superior products, exceptional technical assistance, hands-on sales and customer support, competitive pricing, and enhanced value to its customers.

Wide range of activated carbon filters

At Aage Christensen we have a wide range of activated carbon filters for both liquid and air/gas applications.​

The range includes both standard filters for low flows as well as custom-made filters used for large capacities. Standard filters include the air/gas filter Aeropure which is used for e.g. tank venting, process gas filtration etc. and Liquidpure which is used for liquids such as process water, ground water and as test filter.


Aeropure K250 incl. 75 kg activated carbon – capacity 20 – 250 Nm3/h

Aeropure K500 incl. 150 kg activated carbon – capacity 50 – 500 Nm3/h


Liquidpure incl. 60 kg activated carbon – capacity 0,5-2 m3/h

Feel free to contact us – we are ready to help you with an activated carbon filter

David Bøgh

Sales Manager and product specialist


Mobile: +45 21 30 32 20​