Cryogenic equipment


Large product portfolio

SHI Cryogenics Group offers the widest product portfolio of cryogenic equipment, and we can thus help customers from many industries.


State-of-the-art technology

SHI Cryogenics Group offers Gifford-McMahon cryocoolers, both single-stage and two-stage, as well as pulse tube cryocoolers.

SHI Cryogenics Group is a Japanese company with its headquarters in Tokyo. The company can be dated back to 1690, and at that time they supplied technology for the copper mine industry. In 1962 SHI Cryogenics Group established the cryogenic business area at Hiratsuka Research Laboratory near Tokyo. Today SHI Cryogenics Group has developed and offers the widest portfolio of cryocoolers, cryopumps and helium compressors.​


The 4K cryocooler series (S)RDK from Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics is known for its large cooling capacity and for being orientation-free. This is also the reason why these cryocoolers are widely used in research and the industry in general. All cryocoolers can be supplied with a compressor.


​4K cryocoolers

SHI’s 4K Gifford-McMahon cryocoolers are recognized as the most reliable and versatile systems available in the market. They feature high cooling capacities and compact designs. Models like the RDK-408D2 are e.g standard for MRI and other superconducting magnets and offer a very cost effective alternative to open-cycle liquid helium systems.

10K cryocoolers​

SHI’s 10K Gifford-McMahon cryocoolers are versatile, closed-cycle systems that feature the same Displex® technology found in the complete line of Marathon® CP Cryopumps and MRI shield coolers. SHI’s 10K cryocoolers have proven reliability in innumerable applications, incl. MRI, cryopumping, research and other customized low-temperature applications.

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