Acrison is a leading supplier of dosing equipment for powder and granules and has a complete range of volumetric and gravimetric dosing systems.

ANDRITZ Gouda produces process equipment for the food industry and the chemical industry. The product portfolio includes drum dryers and coolers, potato process lines, paddle dryers/coolers as well as pelletization plants for solidizing/crystallization of melts.

Avestin Inc. is a Canadian company which produces high-pressure homogenizers and membrane extruders for laboratories and production. The equipment is used for production of micro-emulsions and for treatment of nanoparticles, liposomes and for cell bursting.

Bachiller is a Spanish company founded in 1968​, dedicated to the design and construction of vacuum dryers and Nutsche filters/dryers for processes in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry worldwide. Bachiller’s technical solutions meet the high and specific requirements of the respective markets.

Headquarters, production and pilot plant are located near Barcelona.

Bauermeister Zerkleinerungstechnik was founded in Hamburg in 1882 and belongs under the Probat Group. Bauermeister delivers unique and highly specialized equipment for e.g. cocoa and nut processing, just as the company has a wide range of products for grinding or size reduction of dry foodstuffs as well as of chemical and pharmaceutical products.

Bertoli is an Italian company founded in 1974, and it belongs under the Interpump Group. Bertoli produces machines for the food industry and is particularly focused on the designing, planning and construction of homogenizers and high-pressure piston pumps for the food industry.

Buckau-Wolf (BWS Technologie) produces machine equipment for the chemical-technical industry and for the food industry, e.g. extraction plants and centrifuges for sugar factories. Buckau-Wolf is a leading expert in equipment for mixing, homogenization, pasteurization and emulsification processes based on their homogenizer Supraton.

Dywidag Systems International (DSI) is active in building and geotechnics: Development, production, delivery and incorporation of concrete post-tensioning systems as well as soil anchors and rock anchors. Dywidag’s specialists offer consulting for projecting of all types of concrete constructions which involve post-tensioning and complicated reinforcements. They have a wide range of soil and rock anchors as well as micro piles for geotechnical constructions.

Ferrum AG is specialized in centrifuge technology and the portfolio includes peeler centrifuges as well as continously working pusher centrifuges for the chemical and the pharmaceutical industries.

Amafilter which is part of Filtration Group offers a wide range of filters and plants for both liquid and dust filtration.

FLSmidth Krebs is a leading supplier of hydrocyclones for primarily solid-liquid separation. The cyclones are used in many industries from waste water plants to dewatering of plaster in connection with gas purification plants.

Glatt provides intelligent particle design to generate and functionalize powders and granules with adjustable properties. Fluidized bed and spouted bed technologies are important formulation processes to optimize powder properties by a well-defined spray agglomeration, spray granulation, spray coating or (micro-)encapsulation as well as by combinations of these processes. Glatt supports your product idea starting at the early stage of the product formulation and the process development to the scale up and the final production line. As a result, production plants for food, feed, fine chemicals, and pharmaceutical applications are successfully planned and commissioned under the supervision of the Glatt Process & Plant Engineering teams. Depending on the requirements the throughput can be scaled to some 100 kg/h to 10 t/h or even more.

H.E.L Group is a British company which develops and manufactures innovative scientific instruments and software designed to optimize the efficiency, safety, and productivity of key processes in chemistry and biology applications.

InProcess Instruments, IPI, has more than 15 years of experience in offering customized and innovative solutions for gas analysis within research, development and production.

Keit is a UK-based company focused on developing spectrometers based on FTIR technology for online process monitoring and control applications in manufacturing industries. Keit launched the IRmadillo as an analytical instrument that could provide continuous, real-time process analysis of fluids in industrial settings that challenge standard instrumentation. Keit changes how manufacturers can dependably monitor and control their processes in the Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Biofuels, Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Food & Beverage industries.

Körting is a leading company within development, research and production of ejectors, ejector vacuum plants and steam heaters for the process engineering industry as well as ejectors for aeration of water/waste water.

Norit is the leading supplier of activated carbon and can offer a wide range of carbon for removal of impurities in everything from pharmaceutical products to waste water.

OAR in Oxford was founded in the 70’ies and has throughout the years changed from being a research and development company to also include production. OAR is a supplier of UHV and HV components and systems for storage of thin-film materials, also for special solutions for general storage tasks.

Since its foundation in 1934 Russell has delivered sieves and separators to the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Today the company is the only supplier of both sieves/separators and ultrasonic systems. In 1990 Russell expanded its product portfolio with self-cleaning filters for liquid filtration. Russell has its headquaters in Middlesex, England and also has factories in Belgium and the US.

Sartorius is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of equipment for the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries and for laboratories. Sartorius, which is organized in the two divisions Bioprocess Solutions Division and Laboratory Product Division, delivers products, solutions and services to customers globally.

Sartorius has developed pioneer solutions and has participated in setting standards for disposable products which are presently used in all biopharmaceutical production processes.

Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc. is an American company with many years of experience in the manufacturing of e.g. anaerobic chambers, incubators, humidity test chambers, ovens and baths for the life science, pharmaceutical, biomedical, environmental, and industrial markets. Throughout the years the company has worked on designing solutions for production and research which is apparent in every project in which they are involved, and they are known as a supplier of dependable and reliable equipment.

Sulzer Chemtech delivers both components and total solutions within “Mass Transfer Technologies”. The product portfolio e.g. includes column packings, trays and column internals within the absorption, separation, stripping and reaction technology. Furthermore Sulzer Chemtech delivers static mixers for the food industry and for the chemical industry. In addition to delivery of components Sulzer has a large process knowledge and can thus provide engineering services and/or make total solutions within separation technology such as solvent recovery, juice-up concentration etc.

Since 1959 Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics of Europe – the former APD (Advanced Products Department) – has delivered a wide range of cryocoolers and cryopumps.

TOTEX Corporation is a Japanese company founded in 1937 and commenced manufacturing of rubber balloons for meteorological use in 1939. These balloons are used for launching radiosondes into the atmosphere where meteorological phenomena such as pressure, temperatures, humidity, wind directions and wind speed are registered. TOTEX Corporation’s balloons are used at meteorological institutions all over the world for weather forecasts and warnings as well as monitoring weather, climate and environmental conditions.

Vereinigte Füllkörper-Fabrikken GmbH & Co. (VFF) is Europe’s largest supplier of column packings. The product portfolio e.g. consists of random packings, structured packings, liquid distributors, support grids and demisters. The comprehensive product portfolio of random packings for columns includes all sizes and materials such as stoneware, ceramic, special ceramics, metal and plastic. VFF offers expert consulting in connection with solutions for special tasks.