Aage Christensen undertakes the responsibility when customers wish to put new projects into practice. Our cases speak for themselves: From large projects in e.g. the building or the pharmaceutical industry to small or medium projects in the food industry Aage Christensen is an important partner in all phases of the project. With effective management Aage Christensen guarantees that all steps in a project are performed satisfactorily:​


  • Project management
  • Quality assurance
  • Delivery of products in time
  • Effective communication between the involved parties
  • Approval by the authorities and compliance with local legislation
  • Logistics, e.g. transportation, accommodation, planning of meetings, setting up office facilities etc.


Aage Christensen’s employees are always prepared to provide professional service and support to our customers and partners. We offer all types of technical consulting, the best products in the market, establishment of industrial cooperation agreements and contract negotiation. Our many years of experience and large network gives us a thorough knowledge of the areas of business and the products we deal with.