Dosing equipment



The quality of construction and durability of the dosing equipment is unsurpassed. The maintenance requirements are the lowest in the industry.


Optimum solution for your process

Acrison produces a wide range of feeders that ensure we have the correct feeder for your process.

For more than 50 years Acrison has maintained a leadership position in the application of unique and innovative technologies for dry solids metering and handling. Acrison’s user-driven approach to product development and equipment design is the guiding principle to its ongoing success and the reason that Acrison is a leading global supplier of high performance volumetric and gravimetric feeders.

Weigh feeders

Acrison’s weigh feeders use the same mechanisms as the volumetric feeders, but are also equipped with a weighing mechanism which operates on the “weight loss” principle based on the patented, digital sensor RDWR (Radiometric Digital Weight Resolver) and a microprocessor controller.

The weight of the product leaving the feeder is registered with an accuracy which is typically higher than ± 1%.

The advantage of the RDWR sensor is that it can neither be overloaded nor damaged under normal, industrial conditions thanks to the patented AcriLok®. Furthermore the system is insensitive to vibrations, shocks and blows from the surroundings.

The weighing mechanism is calibrated at Acrison’s factory and does not require any further adjustment after delivery, unless the equipment is mechanically modified.

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Volumetric feeders

The volumetric feeders from Acrison are universally acclaimed for their accuracy, reliability and durability.

To meet the industry’s many types of powders and granules Acrison’s product portfolio includes five different feeding mechanisms.

Type 101 is suitable for easily manageable materials, type 1015 and 105 are suitable for easily and medium manageable materials, type BDF is suitable for difficult, non-free flowing products and finally type 170 which is a self-discharging, ultra hygienic feeder for e.g. the food industry.

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