Environmental policy

Aage Christensen A/S offers consultancy, sale, support and service of products and solutions to customers within biotech/pharma, the food industry, the chemical and process industry, building and construction, the research and development industry as well as to other industries.

Our aim is continuously, actively and systematically to work on and contribute to reducing the impact on the environment.

Aage Christensen’s environmental political aim is to:

  • Reduce the company’s total environmental impact from transport of goods and equipment
  • Increase the extent of green transport for the company’s employees
  • Communicate with customers, suppliers and employees about the environmental impact connected to our work
  • Motivate the employees to follow both internal and external guidelines and rules for protection of the environment
  • Ensure that the company’s suppliers act responsibly in relation to the consideration for the environment and the requirements that are set

Aage Christensen is committed to:

  • Ensure that all employees know and understand the company’s environmental policy and that they act accordingly
  • Ensure that the environmental considerations are outlined, action plans are renewed annually and continuously follow up on these
  • Ensure that the employees know the company’s action plans and their own impact on the environment
  • Ensure that the company’s energy consumption is continuously measured and registered
  • Ensure that the company complies with applicable rules and regulations and is aware of any new rules and regulations
  • Ensure that improvements of the company’s environmental performance and environmental management system are continuously implemented