Liquid-particle separation


Customized solutions

Russell Finex supplies engineered solutions which ensures the optimum solution in your process.


High quality

Russell Finex’ products are of high quality, and the equipment is manufactured in Europe.


Test before procurement

Russell Finex has a test centre in England where products can be analyzed and processes can be determined. It is also possible to borrow test equipment.

Russell Finex is a British manufacturer of a wide range of sieves and filtration equipment founded in 1934. Russell Finex combines sieving with innovative solutions making them able to supply the best and most effective solutions in the market. Russell Finex’ sieves and separation equipment can be used for food and pharmaceutical production.​

Liquid solid-separators

The Russell Liquid Solid Separator is suitable for removal of fine particles from liquids. The centrifugal force of the impeller provides the machine with the ability to achieve high capacities even on fine meshes.

It is possible to separate down to 5-10 microns depending on the liquid type.

​Examples of applications:

  • Dairy products – recovery of curd
  • Cider drinks – removal of solids from apple juice
  • Wool scouring – removal of fibres from wash water
  • Vegetables – removal of peels from the waste water

​Examples of capacities:

  • Wash water:       100.000 l/h at 100 micron
  • Starch liquid:  15.000 l/h at 100 micron
  • Whey:               42.000 l/h at 40 micron

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Self-cleaning filters

Russell’s self-cleaning filters are designed to remove small amounts of particles from all liquid types while the unique Spiroklene™ wiper device keeps the surface of the filter element clean.

The self-cleaning filters are available in both vertical and horizontal versions with either the traditional wedge wire element or filter element with defined holes down to 10 microns. These self-cleaning filters are also a good and user-friendly alternative to the traditional bag/cartridge filters.
Furthermore the filters are very easy to clean as most of the types can be disassembled or assembled in less than two minutes (see video below) thus also reducing downtime.

​Learn more about self-cleaning filters from Russell here

The self-cleaning filters are available in 3 versions:

Horizontal online filter design:

Disassembly and cleaning time are further reduced. Ideal for installation in plants with limited height available.

Vertical online filter design:

The flow principle operation eliminates dead points and provides high capacity.

In-line filter design:

This type is easily installed in existing piping.

​Furthermore the filters are available in many different sizes and in different versions – e.g. jacket for temperature-sensitive products, incl. control systems, high-temperature filters, mobile systems etc.

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