Static mixers for homogenization


Optimum mixing

Sulzer Chemtech has a great process knowledge and can thus design mixer solutions which give the required mixing.


Improved operating costs

Sulzer Chemtech can design a mixer configuration, so the pressure drop is minimized and less pump energy is required.


Combined mixer and heat exchanger

Sulzer Chemtech offers heat exchangers of “Monotube” or “Multitube” and mixer reactors which ensure efficient heat transfer.

Sulzer Chemtech has more than 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing continuous static mixers for homogenization of media without using movable parts ensuring an energy efficient tailor-made solution with guaranteed performance.​

Static mixers for homogenization

Aage Christensen sells products for homogenization from Sulzer Chemtech, leading supplier of static mixers, mixer heat exchangers and plug flow reactors. More than 25 years of experience has resulted in a unique, technologically tested design as well as economical solutions in combination with competent consulting and technical knowledge.

Static mixers are used for homogenization of media without using movable parts. The technology is not only used for simple mixing of liquids, but also for liquid/gas mixture, heat and mass transformations or in connection with chemical reactions.

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