Drum dryers and paddle dryers/coolers


Ideal process solution

For more than 100 years ANDRITZ Gouda has tested and developed solutions for a huge variety of processes. The results and the experience gathered are used for the benefit of the customers of the company.


Reduced scale-up risk

ANDRITZ Gouda has pilot anlægs where processes can be tested and optimized before implementation.

Drum dryers

From ANDRITZ Gouda we offer drum dryers for drying of viscose, adhesive and pasty products.

The drum dryers are continuously working contact dryers. The product to be dried is applied as a thin film onto the steam-heated drum.

​The dried product film is scraped off the drum and is reduced in size for continuous processing or bag filling.

​The typical steam consumption for drying is 1.2 – 1.4 kg steam/kg water evaporation.
Drum dried products normally have a relatively high density.

ANDRITZ Gouda offers mill sifters for coarse size reduction of the dryer film from the drums and also for control sifting.

​Certain products require pre-cooking or pre-sterilization for which ANDRITZ Gouda’s JET-COOKER can be used.

For sharpening of scraper knives ANDRITZ Gouda offers special knife sharpeners.

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Drum flakers

From ANDRITZ Gouda we offer drum flakers which are used for conversion of a molten product into a solid form in a continuous process.

​The liquid product is applied onto the outside of the rotating drum where it solidifies and is removed with a scraper. The product subsequently has the form of coarse powder or flakes.

ANDRITZ Gouda manufactures drum flakers to e.g. fatty acids, sulphur, naphthalene and sodium hydroxide.

Depending on product characteristics the molten mass can be pulled up from a vessel or be applied by means of auxiliary rollers.

With the hermetically sealed machines aggressive and toxic products can also be processed without environmental problems.

Drum flakers from ANDRITZ Gouda have a compact design, are very reliable and have low maintenance costs.

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Paddle dryers/coolers

The paddle dryers are contact dryers for powder or pasty products, e.g. filter cakes and residual sludge. The machines can be used for both heating and cooling. Thermo oil, steam or water can be used as heating agent.

​ANDRITZ Gouda’s paddle dryers are produced and sold in Europe under license from Japanese NARA.

The paddle dryers are highly effective machines working with low air flows to prevent dust problems and to ensure low energy consumption.

Due to the closed housing the system can work under vacuum and is thus suitable for removal and recovery of solvents.

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