Centrifuges for particle-liquid separation


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100 years of experience

Ferrum have been developing and building machines for the most challenging applications for more than 100 years. From the first can seamer in 1917, through destoners and washers, all the way to the can seamers and centrifuges of today.

Since 1935 Ferrum has been a leading global manufacturer of industrial centrifuges. Numerous customers from the most diverse industries confirm the quality and variety of Ferrum’s centrifuges for dynamic separation processes. The company offers centrifuge technology that convinces everyone. If you want to buy a centrifuge, you cannot avoid Ferrum’s wide range of products.​

Pusher centrifuges for large capacities

Pusher centrifuges are continuously working filter centrifuges for large capacities and with possibility of counterflow cake washing. For optimum yield of the pusher centrifuges the particles must have an average size of min. approx. 50 µm which is the smallest gap width in the mesh.

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Vertical scraper centrifuges

Vertical scraper centrifuges are manufactured in two main types depending on the solid discharge method:​

  • Bottom discharge
  • Top discharge

Bottom discharge is especially suited for separation of intermediate products and operation in a completely closed system. The discharge can be done by automatic scraping or extraction of the filter cloth. The advantage of the pneumatic system after scraping off the solids is that the residual layer can be completely removed and consequently will not contaminate the next charge.​

The machines can be delivered with CIP and SIP systems and according to latest GMP guidelines.​

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Horizontal centrifuges

Unlike vertical machines, process room and drive are totally separated in horizontal scraper centrifuges.

The square process housing provides all inspection possibilities playing an important role for the user when working with pharma centrifuges in mono- as well as multifunction plants.

The large inspection doors of the housing allow access to the filtrate outlet and the outer centrifuge basket without first having to open the front door and remove the connected process piping. Opening the front door gives access to all parts in contact with the product and thereby possibility of efficient control, CIP cleaning or exchange of filter medium in case of product change.

​Horizontal scraper centrifuges provide a number of advantages compared with vertical machines, a.o. possibility of higher centrifugal force and thus lower residual humidity and charge times.

We offer products from the company Ferrum which manufactures the horizontal scraper centrifuges in chemical or pharmaceutical versions.

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Gypsum centrifuges

These centrifuges are used for washing and separation of the gypsum generated by flue gas desulphurization (FGD processes).

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