Excellent energy efficiency

Körting delivers tailor-made products ensuring an energy-efficient and optimum process.


Reliable process guarantee

Product and process design details are continuously checked and developed by inhouse technical laboratory.


Long lifetime and support

Körting’s products are designed for long lifetime, and the company can deliver technical support and spare parts for both new and old products.

Körting is a German company with its headquarters in Hannover. For more than 150 years the company has been a leading manufacturer of vacuum engineering products and environmental technology.​

The principle behind an ejector

An ejector is designed according to the Venturi principle which rely on the correlation between the flow and the pressure of a medium. This mean that if a medium with a given flow meets a constriction, the flow of the medium increases whereas the pressure drops, and vice versa if the diameter is increased.

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Product specialist

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Sales Manager and product specialist

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