Gas analysis MS


Customized solutions

InProcess Instruments delivers tailor-made gas analysis for individual processes. The equipment can be used for continuous measurement of one or more measuring points.


Manufactured in Germany

InProcess Instruments manufactures the quadrupole for mass spectrometers in Germany, and they are of high quality.


Service and support

Customer satisfaction is very important for InProcess Instruments, and they therefore deliver service and support of the highest quality with short notice.

InProcess Instruments

​InProcess Instruments specializes in customized solutions for gas analysis, that can be used for “real-time” optimization and process control as well as to gain a deeper understanding of processes. The equipment is used in a variety of industries, including both the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry as well as within chemical, biochemical and environmental research.

​It is possible to monitor in the range from ppm to 100 % for both complex and varying gas mixtures.

​InProcess Instruments gas analyzers provide a robust solution that can be automated and integrated into existing PAT systems. Both hardware and software are always adapted specifically to the desired application.

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Søren Bidstrup

Managing Director and product specialist


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