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Customized solutions

Russell Finex supplies engineered solutions which ensures the optimum solution in your process.


High quality

Russell Finex’ products are of high quality, and the equipment is manufactured in Europe.


Test before procurement

Russell Finex has a test centre in England where products can be analyzed and processes can be determined. It is also possible to borrow test equipment.

Russell Finex is a British manufacturer of a wide range of sieves and filtration equipment founded in 1934. Russell Finex combines sieving with innovative solutions making them able to supply the best and most effective solutions in the market. Russell Finex’ sieves and separation equipment can be used for food and pharmaceutical production.

Vibratory sieves from Russell Finex Ltd

Aage Christensen has a wide range of vibratory sieves from Russell Finex Ltd.

​Product control with vibratory sieves

The Russell Compact Sieve® range of vibratory sieves is ideal for check screening of powder. As the motor is located on the side of the vibratory sieve instead of inside the base, the installation height is reduced. Furthermore the direct flow in this vibratory sieve ensures high check screening capacities.

​The Compact Sieve® is ideal for installation in most plants, and you can choose between vibratory sieves in the following five sizes: C400, C600, C900, C1200 og C1500. In addition you can get a small 250 mm pilot/laboratory sieve. You can also get vibratory sieves in many different versions, including validated versions for the pharmaceutical industry.

​Learn more about Compact Sieve® here

Vibratory sieves for grading

Furthermore we offer vibratory sieves of the type Finex Separator™ which are used for grading. It is the most powerful vibratory sieve in the market, and here you can chose between vibratory sieves in the following four sizes: 760 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm and 1500 mm.

The Finex Separator™ vibratory sieve is best suitable as grading sieve with up to five fractions, but it can also be used as a check sieve.

Learn more about Finex Separator™ here

​​The Finex Ultima™ is a separator and vibratory sieve for grading, dewatering or check screening. This separator and vibratory sieve is available in the sizes Ø 760 mm, Ø 1000 mm, Ø 1200 mm and Ø 1500 mm, and it is a financially favourable standard.

​Learn more about Finex Ultima here

Furthermore we offer vibratory sieves of the type Finex 22″ which are available in three different sizes: 550 mm, 900 mm and 1200 mm.

​The Finex 22″ is especially suitable for the pharmaceutical industry which often has requirements for hygienic design and FDA-approved materials as well as for design and documentation taking GMP (DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ) into account.

​Learn more about Finex 22″ here

Ultrasonic sieve deblinding equipment

A known phenomenon when screening powders by using a vibratory sieve is blocking/blinding of the mesh. Russell Finex Ltd., the first company in the world to launch the ultrasonic deblinding system for powder sieves, now manufactures the fourth generation of the Vibrasonic® system.

Russell Finex Ltd. is still the only manufacturer of both ultrasonic equipment and vibratory sieves.

​Learn more about the Vibrasonic® system here

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