Homogenizers for food and pharmaceutical products etc.


High reliability

Bertoli’s high quality and innovative solutions ensure high reliability. The solutions include the patented self-aligning system, and a compression head designed to reduce the risk of cavitation.


Scalable solution

Bertoli offers homogenizers from pilot scale to production unit with a scalable design.

Bertoli is an Italian manufacturer of homogenizers situated in Reggio Emilia. Bertoli has more than 40 years of experience in delivering leading homogenization equipment. All Bertoli machines are designed and manufactured with the best technology and the best materials. Bertoli is specialized in the following sectors: Food and beverages, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and cosmetics.​


High pressure homogenization is used for the following applications:


  • ​Dairy products (pasteurized milk, sterilized UHT milk, condensed milk, yoghurt, milk-based beverages, desserts and derived products, ice cream, sorbets, cottage cheese and fresh cheese)
  • Food (fruit juices and fruit butters, vegetables, beverages, baby food, tomato purée and tomato butter, sauces, eggs, animal and vegetable fats, honey)
  • Chemical products (additives, adhesives, emulsifiers, lubricants, colorants, ink)
  • Cosmetic products (perfumes, toothpastes, liquid soaps, shampoo, nail polishes, deodorants)
  • Pharmaceutical products (injectable emulsions, antibiotics, creams, syrups, vaccines, vitamins)
  • Biochemical products (proteins, enzymes, ferments, yeast, bacteria)


The laboratory homogenizer Atomo is suitable for processing products with a viscosity higher than 20,000 cP, pressure up to 1,500 bar and a capacity of up to 30 l/h. Atomo is a laboratory homogenizer with three pistons which ensures perfect upscaling from laboratory to production.

​Atomo can be delivered with one or two homogenizing stages making it possible to connect tanks with high-viscous liquids thanks to the integrated high pressure pump system.

See data sheet for the Atomo laboratory model here

The Michelangelo series

The Michelangelo series conceived with new modular design, guarantees high flexibility. It is designed with simplicity in mind for easy maintenance and installation and for heavy duty applications. Suitable for CIP and SIP.

The Michelangelo series can obtain an operating pressure of 150/1500 bar at 50/3000 l/h and can be delivered with a homogenizing stage.

​See data sheet for model HA30 here​

See data sheet for model HA31 here

The Raffaello series

All high pressure homogenizers from the Raffaello series are production machines and can operate with a flow of up to 22,000 l/h and highest possible homogenizing pressure for 1,200 bar.

​The design focuses on giving high flexibility in order to make them especially suitable for products within the dairy sector as well as for homogenization of fruit juice. Some of the best qualities of the equipment are that it is reliable and easy to maintain. It is possible to adapt the Raffaello series to homogenization of products within the chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.​

​See data sheet for model HA32 here

See data sheet for model HA33 here

See data sheet for model HA34 here

See data sheet for model HA34 SRV here

See data sheet for model HA35 here

The Leonardo series

High pressure homogenizers and pumps from the Leonardo series can operate with a flow of up to 70,000 l/h and a max. operating pressure of up to 1,200 bar.

​The design ensures guarantee of high reliability and easy maintenance. The Leonardo series is especially suitable for products within the dairy sector and farming as well as for homogenization of juices.​

​See data sheet for model HA52 here

See data sheet for model HA53 here

Quality assurance and design

Bertoli guarantees quality control of the production from start to delivery. This ensures a high and stable quality when using a homogenizer from Bertoli. A consistent and homogeneous quality matching your requirements is important both to you and to us.


Bertoli is certified according to internationally acknowledged quality standards applicable within both the food and pharmaceutical industry.​ Bertoli regularly evaluates further certifications etc. when it contributes to strengthening the quality.​


  • ​ISO 9001 Quality Certification
  • ISO 14001 Certification
  • EAC Certification (Russia)
  • 3A Certification (the US)
  • OHSAS 18001 Certification
  • FDA compliant wetted parts
  • Manual of certificate for GMP Validation
  • ATEX EX configuration available
  • Design in accordance with EHEDG guideline

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