Online process analysis of liquids – FTIR


Online measurements

Keit’s mass spectrometer continuously measures the concentration of required components.


Quality product from England

The FTIR instrument is designed without movable parts making it very robust and vibration tolerant.


Process optimization

The measurements guarantee improved efficiency and cost optimization as well as improved process control.

Keit is a British manufacturer of mass spectrometers of high quality for measurement of solutes in a liquid phase. The instrument measures on an online basis and gives updated concentrations every second minute of the products. The instrument can be used for a very wide range of productions in a liquid phase, the equipment can e.g. identify and separate 8 different sugars.

Online process analysis of liquids

​Keit provides real-time process analysis of liquids with the IRmadillo process analyzer. The process FTIR spectrometer is built vibration-proof with an in situ probe enabling the instrument to be mounted directly onto, or in-line with, reaction vessels for real-time results.

The IRmadillo is inherently compact, low maintenance, immune to vibration, and certified safe for use in hazardous environments. It is an effective analytical instrument for monitoring and control of liquid-state reactions at the point of production including the analyses of oil, acid, sugar, alcohol, protein, contaminant, chemical, biofuel and petroleum products.


  • Confidence to know when your reactions have peaked – not after they have peaked
  • Complete understanding of your reactions through simultaneous, multi-component analysis
  • Ease of use with tough, long-term stability
  • Faster production decisions through online, real-time analysis

Learn more about the following applications:

Bioethanol and biofuels

Fats and oil processing

Chemical manufacturing

Industrial biotechnology

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Food and drinks industry

Oil and gas

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